Currently Recruiting – Internationally Minded Global Citizens to improve the world for future generations.

global goals

The motto that I currently use for my goalkeepers club is “we can not change the world by ourselves but we can contribute in our own way”. However I wonder if this is a bit too negative. Where as it is a fair and realistic statement it does not inspire great enthusiasm for the cause. Maybe we should be saying together we can make a difference. But with just 12 members of our club we are unlikely to make a real global impact. So I started thinking. What if my little band of activists could inspire others? What if all other schools started a UN Goalkeepers Club and did something not only to contribute to the wider community but to also instill a sense of the other, or as we in the IPC world call it, international mindedness.

SIS Goalkeepers Club 

So my aim is to recruit goalkeepers to form a club in their school. We have achieved so much in just two terms just imagine if all schools did this? What would the impact be? Not just now but for future generations to come. Think of the mindsets that we would develop. What a fantastic way to demonstrate actual real life experiences and relevance to what they are learning about. So if I can, I would like to encourage others to get involved and make a difference. Start small at first. Check out our link to get ideas and if I can help in any way please do not hesitate to contact me.



Some of the achievements of the club include:


Quality Education (4) For our school in a box project we ran a shoebox appeal to collect school equipment to provide local orphans with better access to education. We managed to collect 41 boxes beating our target of 30.


Clean Water and Sanitation (6) This group raised enough money to fund not one but two wells for villages in Africa. They did this by running refreshment stands at our school show and by running a cinema night.


No Poverty (1) For this issue we focussed on providing ‘growing shoes’ for orphans in Nigeria. So far they have raised enough money to purchase over 200 shoes. Their target is 300 shoes by the end of term 3. They have done this by running a school tuck shop every Friday during snack time.


Gender Equality (5) Our gender equality group set out to raise awareness around this issue. They looked at slogans on girls clothing and stereotyping. They also run an assembly about how girls are treated in third world countries.


Life Below Water (14) This task was cleverly named the Re-Sakhalin project as it focussed on recycling on Sakhalin Island and keeping plastic out of the oceans. The group leaders started an awareness campaign as well as collecting plastic and depositing it in recycling bins.


Life on Land (15) Our aim for this goal is to plant a mini forest near our school. The team leaders have decided to start a sponsor a tree program so that people have the opportunity to own their own tree.


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